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Jonathan Holz & Scott Churner owners of Maximize Potential
Our founders

Jonathan Holz & Scott Churner

Mission Provide industry leading fitness and athlete development in a fun, educational and positive environment. We want to inspire and instill confidence, eliminate self-doubt, and to forge success in all areas of life for all Maximize Potential family members. -Maximize Potential started as a vision back in 2017 when Coach Scott and Coach Jon came to central Texas. The vision by Scott and Jon was to provide a safe and effective training facility for everyone. -Initial training started on a 450 square foot piece of turf in a small gym in Killeen, Texas. We brought our duffel bags filled with training tools like speed ladders, cones, and resistance bands back and forth between sessions. Within 1 year, Maximize Potential was able to move to Belton, Texas and grow into their own facility consisting of 2,500 sq ft of training space inside and 5,000 sq ft of turf outside. -Combining the knowledge of Scott’s Personal Training, Mobility Training and Recovery Training with Jon’s Sports Performance Training and Athlete Development, Maximize Potential develops top tier high school athletes and helps adults of all ages continue their fitness journeys no matter what roadblocks they come across. Link to founder’s story Podcast episode:

Our coaches

Jon coach at Maximize Potential

Jonathan Holz

Co-Owner of Maximize Potential Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified USA-W Sports Performance Coach Certified Functional Movement Techniques Head Sports Performance Coach Hi, I’m Jon, Co-Owner and Head Sports Performance Trainer at Maximize Potential. I earned an Undergraduate Degree and a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), USA-Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (USA-W) and a member of the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA). Previously the director of sports performance at multiple training facilities in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and Elmsford, New York, I’ve helped hundreds of athletes play at the next level. Ideal Client Goals or Desires: Improve speed, body control, movement fundamentals, produce more power, protect against injuries, and improve overall confidence to elevate their game.

Scott Churner coach at Maximize Potential

Scott Churner

M.S. Co-Owner of Maximize Potential Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology Certified Functional Movement Techniques Head Personal Trainer Hi, I’m Scott! I earned an Undergraduate Degree in Biology and a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. This included many classes and hands on experience in Exercise Prescription, Physical Activity and Aging, Strength and Conditioning for Athletes, Exercise and Performance & Rehab/Prehab. My experience Coaching is with individuals of all ages and with groups of all sizes! I have been Coaching and helping people gain knowledge and see results for the past 8 years. Ideal Client Goals or Desires: Burn fat, Build Muscle, Change Lifestyle, Optimize Exercise Routine, Conditioning Program, Body Weight Programs, Improve Exercise Response, Mobility Programs, Improve Overall Body Function, Decrease Pain Through Proper Movement, Transformation Mindset.

Alex Gonzales coach at Maximize Potential

Alex Gonzales

CRS Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology Certified Recovery Specialist Personal Trainer Hi, I’m Alex! I graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2019. I’m a former swimmer and track athlete with a passion for exercise and improvement of the human body. My knowledge from classes like Performance Nutrition, Exercise Prescription, Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injury, and Exercise psychology equip me to well train and motivate any and all athletes, regardless of experience level! I am a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS), so I have specialties in injury prevention and overall mobility. I have assisted in the training of over 100 individuals, all of various ages and goals; including Junior Olympians and many college level athletes. Ideal Client Goals or Desires: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Power Production, Improve Speed and Agility, Change Lifestyle, Improve Body Function, Injury Prevention, Mobility Programs, Decrease Pain through Proper Movement

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