Sports Performance

Our College Prep Program is for athletes looking for a better way to improve their body’s response to the physical demands of both his/her sport and daily life.

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Why our Sports Performance Program?

No matter where they are in their training, we help build strength and explosive power while drastically lowering the risk of injury.

We know athletes play the way they train. It’s only by pushing and learning our own limitations that we know how to surpass them.

If they want to run faster, switch direction at breakneck speeds, jump higher, and increase overall power, the body needs to be trained to do so.

Sports Performance Training at Maximize Potential in Belton guides athletes through exercises designed to challenge and improve all aspects of the body.

Strength & Power

Programmed strength program focusing on posterior chain development, lower body explosiveness, single leg strength, increased vertical jump and improve jumping and landing position.

Healthy habits

Nutritional guidance and designated recovery protocol to maintain an athlete’s health throughout vigorous training sessions and competition season.

Teamwork & leadership

Group classes teach teamwork. Competitive games teach athletes how to lead others through inspiration and encouragement.


Our athletes develop self-accountability and confidence, which makes them less likely to suffer from situational anxiety and perform at their best.

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