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Youth Sports Performance Training (8-11)

Help your child develop a healthy competitive edge and a love for training by choosing Maximize Potential. We’ve found that kids who start a healthy yet challenging exercise regimen tend to pursue fitness over their lifetime and become less prone to injury. From developing strength to improving agility, we help athletes develop their love of athleticism while encouraging them to push themselves.

Our youth sessions are for athletes, ages 8-11 and include age and developmentally appropriate exercises that will help them feel encouraged and excited to keep coming back. We lay a foundation for proper form and health habits that will hopefully follow them throughout their lives. From extensive chats about safety to in-depth learning about athlete nutrition, we set them up for success.

You don’t need us to tell you that athletic activity is good for children. While we want them to have fun, we also want them to know how to do it safely and enjoyably. As a result, we set up our classes to be fun, challenging, and educational. Get in touch with Maximize Potential today and tell us a bit about your child. We offer private coaching and small group coaching to ensure your child gets the best possible results. Schedule your youth training session today. 

Our Youth Classes are currently on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 5:30 - 6:15 pm.  Our packages are monthly memberships in order to develop the habit of consistent training!  The Youth Sports Performance packages are 2 days a week of training (Monday and Wednesday) which includes, speed, agility, sprint mechanics, explosive power production, and injury prevention.  We also have a free additional class on Saturday mornings at 9 am that the kids are welcome to attend to get a little more speed work. 

The monthly memberships can be purchased as a Month-to-Month membership or a 3-month minimum membership!

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 Month-to-Month Membership $150 per month (1-month minimum) Purchase HERE
3-Month Minimum Membership $133 per month (minimum 3 months) Purchase HERE