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Yoga Training

Yoga training can be a valuable addition to any weekly exercise schedule. We have amazing yoga instructors dedicated to helping you find physical and mental strength in your life. Expand your fitness training with our yoga classes at Maximize Potential in Belton.

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Yoga is a great way to push yourself with a new type of fitness training or vary your weekly workout schedule. There are also many health benefits associated with yoga training. Beyond the meditative aspects and breathwork, yoga training can increase your:

  • Flexibility, balance, and stability
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Athletic performance and strength
  • Muscle strength and tone
  • Sleep quality

Along with those health benefits, yoga training can also decrease stress and anxiety and provide relief from different injuries you might have. Strengthening your muscles can also help protect you from other injuries from workouts and classes.

While yoga might seem different from other types of fitness training, it can provide a variation to your normal exercise schedule.


We currently offer two different yoga classes at Maximize Potential to help you find the right type of yoga training for your schedule.

Yoga Sculpt

Thursday from 6-7 p.m.

Yoga Sculpt is a high intensity flow class. This yoga training draws from vinyasa flow and traditional strength training and conditioning with weights to challenge your body physically and mentally.

This yoga class will help you find balance between listening to what your body has to say and pushing yourself. If you’re looking for an intense workout to add to your fitness training, this class is the perfect mix of yoga training with more traditional training conventions.

Experience: If you’re looking for beginner yoga, this yoga training can be modified for all fitness levels.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Take 60 minutes out of your day for this vinyasa flow class. Throughout the hour, you will practice linking your breath to your movement. This breathwork will move you through stronger sequences to build your physical and mental strength and endurance. Use this yoga training to help push your boundaries as you work towards more challenging yoga poses each session.

Experience: Previous experience with vinyasa yoga is helpful, but the class can be modified for all levels of students and students with prior yoga practice.


Sahala Hardin

Sahala began practicing yoga 14 years ago following pain from her sore knees and tight hamstrings. She found that yoga training provided pain relief, along with the other physical and emotional benefits yoga provides.

Through yoga, Sahala strengthened her body and found an awareness of the discomfort and emotional stress held in her body. Yoga worked as a way to release those different stressors, inspiring her to start teaching yoga classes as an instructor. Sahala received her Vinyasa/Hatha Flow Certification from Yoga Yoga in Austin TX. She has taught around the world, from Belton TX to Ibiza, Spain and London, UK.

Sahala’s classes provide a balance of challenge and tranquility that encourage students to push new boundaries while also nurturing their body. Don’t be surprised if Sahala incorporates arm balances and inversions into her classes!


Maximize Potential is here to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re an athlete or someone trying to incorporate yoga training into your existing exercise program.

Choose a yoga plan that works best for you:

If you’ve never done yoga before or want to try it out, you can pick one free trial of our yoga classes. Incorporate yoga training into your life at Maximize Potential in Belton.

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