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NOW Offering Total Recovery Packages!

Have a big game Friday night and want to feel energized and refreshed?!  Does your sciatic nerve pain keep you from moving as you should? Maximize Potential is now offering Recovery Packages designed to improve recovery, refresh sore muscles, & improve movement quality before or after your competition!

Maximize YOUR Recovery!

Rockpods are NEW-AGE CUPPING TECHNOLOGY designed to decompress tissues, stimulate your nervous system, decrease pain and improve blood flow!

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Sports Performance Training

Ages 7+

Elite Sports Performance Training designed by science to produce faster, more explosive, and less injured athletes.  Learn more...

Personal Training - Free Initial Consultation

Science-based, results-driven programs created for YOU!  Our educated and supportive trainers will guide you on YOUR fitness journey.  These programs accelerate fat loss, muscle gain & motivation! 

How would your life change if you burned those stubborn 10, 20 or even 40 pounds? 

You would feel better, be happier & have a lot more energy in the day!

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Adult Barbell Club - 1 week FREE TRIAL

All Skill Levels (17+)

Want to learn proper lifting technique & see great results?  This class is for adults looking to improve fitness level and create a lifestyle of becoming and STAYING healthy!  We will teach you how to properly lift and keep you accountable for seeing great results.  

Did you know that lifting weights burns more calories than running?!  This class will have you burning fat and building the muscle you desire.  Your metabolism & energy will improve; we will even help you with nutrition advice!  Try a class today.  Start HERE -->

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:15 AM & 6:15 PM

Saturday at 10 am (Circuit Style Saturday)

Adult Bootcamp Class - 1 week FREE TRIAL

All Skill Levels (17+)

Want to Burn MORE Fat and have MORE Energy in your everyday life?  Maximize Potential's team of coaches will help you in your journey with FUN, High-Calorie Burning workouts! 

Burn Up-to 600 Calories in a 1 Hour workout!

We use the TRX, Battleropes & Slam Balls to create a fun, fat burning workout sure to keep your attention and get that metabolism soaring!

First Month ONLY 24.99!  

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