Cupping Decompression Therapy In Belton

Cupping therapy has been used for years in order to ease pain, reduce inflammation, and even act as a type of deep-tissue massage. The suction from the cups draws blood to the area, which increases your blood flow. This can relieve muscle tension, which is extremely common in athletes after a tough workout. Generally, cupping is a great way to handle chronic back pain and shoulder pain.

Physical pain is usually caused by inflammation increasing in one area. Cupping allows the blood flowing in to bring immune cells to that location, increasing the rate of repair and recovery in the muscles. Experience the benefits for yourself by reaching out to Maximize Potential for a cupping appointment.

Keep in mind that cupping is not a good fit for those who are on blood thinners, have fragile skin, or have any cuts on the cupping area. If you are uncertain about whether or not cupping is for you, please reach out to our team. We look forward to relieving your back pain and speeding recovery through this ancient, tried-and-true practice. Schedule your appointment now in conjunction with your fitness training classes for a full-body experience.

Improve your strength, relieve your pain, and get better each day. Choose Maximize Potential.

Cupping is an appointment based session with Maximize Potential.  The sessions are 35-45 minutes long depending on your needs and area being cupped! 

The sessions can be purchased one-by-one, in a 5 session pack, a 10 session pack, and a 15 session pack!

 Single Session  

$45  Purchase HERE

5 Session Pack - Save $15

$210 Purchase HERE

10 Session Pack - Save $50

$400 Purchase HERE

15 Session Pack - BEST VALUE Save $150

$525 Purchase HERE