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About Us | Fitness and Online Personal Training in Belton


Our mission is to re-establish a standard in health, fitness, & performance for the entire family! 

Coaching is Everything

Maximize Potential is Central Texas’ newest Fitness & Human Performance facility dedicated to helping individuals of all ages reach their goals!  We believe that "Coaching is Everything."  Therefore, we take pride in the education, knowledge, and experience of our Coaches to deliver industry-leading training modalities that deliver results!  We also know that everyone is different, therefore everyone's needs are different.  A GREAT COACH can inspire and instill the necessary confidence to eliminate doubt, and forge success in ALL AREAS OF LIFE.  We believe in Great Coaching and its ability to accelerate the results of our MP Family Members!


Training Philosophy

Our core training philosophy is "Training Movements, Not Muscles."  A bicep curl has little-to-no "practical" applications... besides looking great on the beach!  Therefore, we believe in training the body as a whole!  Everyday, people are walking, running, jumping, sitting, & picking things up.  But, even while walking, we are working an entire system that involves the feet, knees, hips, back, shoulder, head, etc.!  Training the whole individual leads to faster results, and increases longevity of training.  

Our Elite Athlete Training Programs are scientifically designed to produce faster, stronger, more explosive, and more injury protected athletes.  We also offer a wide range of coaching options, classes, and coaches versed in many areas of fitness to suit any goal, lifestyle, possible limitation (injury), etc. 

Collectively, co-owners Jonathan Holz and Scott Churner have trained more than 1000 athletes. Of these, hundreds have gone on to receive scholarships for both DI and DII athletic programs at universities including Brown, Duke, Notre Dame, and many more. Some of our athletes have even joined Major League Lacrosse and the USA Rugby team. We have a wide variety of training options available, including Online/Remote Training or In-House Training (at our facility in Belton, TX).  

No matter what your sport, regardless of what your goals may be, Maximize Potential in Belton is here to help you achieve it all. Kids as young as 7 are welcome to train in our youth sports performance training sessions while adults of all ages are invited to reach their full potential at any of our training classes or online!  Get in touch with our team today to schedule your consultation session. We’ll see you soon.