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About Us

Scott Churner

Jonathan Holz


Maximize Potential is Texas’ newest fitness facility designed to push athletes of all ages to reach their goals. We use top equipment and training techniques to strengthen all muscles of the body and improve endurance, allowing all athletes to see remarkable results both on and off the field. While our priority will always remain on pushing our clients to their fullest potential, we also believe in having fun in the process. After all, we spend each day working out with people who are all here to be their best. We hope you join us!

Collectively, co-owners Jonathan Holz and Scott Churner have trained more than 1000 athletes. Of these, hundreds have gone on to receive scholarships for both DI and DII athletic programs at universities including Brown, Duke, Notre Dame, and many more. Some of our athletes have even joined Major League Lacrosse and the USA Rugby team. Choose private training sessions with our team or look into small group training if you are in need of a little more competition. Whatever will help you progress faster, we are here to make it happen.

No matter what your sport, regardless of what your goals may be, Maximize Potential is here to help you achieve it all. Kids as young as 8 are welcome to train in our youth sports performance training sessions while adults of all ages are invited to reach their full potential at any of our training classes. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your first training session. We’ll see you soon.