The 3 Best Explosive Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Whether you play basketball, football, volleyball, or softball every athlete is looking for ways to increase their vertical jump.  The following list is our 3 best exercises proven to increase your power output and get you jumping higher in no time!

First off, let’s discuss what a plyometric movement is.  Plyometric exercises are exercises that are performed by using maximal amount of power or force in the shortest amount of time and through the full range of motion.  An easy example of this is a squat jump.  Plyometrics are shown to increase power production in an athlete in the shortest amount of training days… when performed properly.


There are 3 different types of plyometric training: vertical, horizontal, lateral.



When trying to increase vertical power (jumping straight up in the air) in an athlete, there is no better plyometric exercise than Contrast Box Jumps.  Contrast Box Jumps are performed by going from a resisted jump to an un-resisted jump. 


How to:

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your side and perform a squat jump

Once you return back to the ground, drop the dumbbells on the floor and immediately perform a box jump.

This tricks the nervous system into thinking the second jump is still weighted.  In return, the CNS works harder to produce more power and jump higher.



When trying to increase horizontal power (jumping forward), the number 1 exercise is a Banded Broad Jump.  The band adds extra resistance at the end of the jump, causing the body to produce more force to complete the exercise which maintaining a solid athletic position.


How to:

Place the resistance band around your waist.

Walk out until there is resistance from the band, start tall, sink your hips back to load the glutes and hamstrings and jump.

As you jump forward, throw your arms forward in unison with your hips to generate more force.



The best exercise for increasing lateral power (jumping sideways) is the Banded Single Leg Bound.


How to:

On one foot, load the hips as if you are about to jump in the air, coiling up like a spring.

Explode off of one foot, ripping your arms across your body and generate as much force possible against the band.

As you land on the opposite foot, sink the hips back and land in a solid athletic position, absorbing the resistance from the band.

Repeat the same motion in the opposite way, allowing the band to pull you back, landing on your starting foot.


Start adding these into your training regimen and start dominating your sport!

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