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Perfect Moon June. A glute, hip and fat burn program

Perfect Booty June

Introducing Perfect Moon June! 

Having healthy, powerful, and GREAT looking glutes is something sought after by many, but achieved by few.  What do you think the disconnect is?  Some people say “Squat more,” “Do more glute bridges,” or “RDLs are queen!”  But what really builds strong, healthy glutes?   There has to be more to it than just exercise selection, right?  Well, like most things at Maximize Potential, we like to dive a little deeper.  Why do you think that we spend SO much time on proper form, mechanics, mobility, and efficient movement?  Because we can squat, RDL, & glute bridge all day… BUT if the efficiency of these movements sucks then we won’t see the results we’re after.  

Let’s talk about the glutes!

The Gluteus Maximus muscle is the most prominent of the 3 glute muscles, so for the sake of this article we’ll be focusing on Gluteus Maximus!  This muscle is important because it is the main hip extensor.  In other words, if your legs are bent (like when seated or squatting) you are in hip flexion and “the standing up” motion would create hip extension.  Your glutes are the primary muscle that makes this happen!  However, what if you spend lots of time in a hip flexed position? (Unfortunately most of us spend a fair amount of time in a seated position…🙄)  Overtime (years of sitting a lot), this shortens and tightens the muscles in the front of the hips, and our ability to fully EXTEND the hips becomes limited.  Because of this limited range of motion, our glutes CANNOT fully engage to create hip extension (their primary function).  Without their primary function, the glutes become underactive & weak.  BUT that’s not all.  Our body is incredibly smart and will do ANYTHING to keep functioning.  That includes compensating for the tightness in your hips by using muscles of the low back, and the knees to achieve hip extension 😳  The issues from this compensation don’t occur overnight though, it can take years to manifest as low back & knee pain.  So let’s get ahead of it and get those glutes & hips working properly!

So now you know the basics behind Perfect Moon June ->  We’re going to dive deep into creating healthy hips that will continue to carry you through this life.  Building strong, healthy glutes is just a beautiful side effect of moving better 😁

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Till next time,

The Maximize Potential Team

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