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MAY The Strength Be With You 💪😏

A long time ago in a town far, far away…
May the strength be with you - lifting lightsabers, potential

It’s a period of information war.  Everyone has their recommendations of diets, exercises, special supplements, & just about everything under the sun!  Eat this, don’t eat that.. Do this lift, don’t do that.. Go Keto.. Go Low Carb.. Go Paleo..  WHAT DO YOU DO?!  (Do you like our Star Wars theme?)

At Maximize Potential, we believe that coaching is key.  Or we should say, GREAT Coaching is key!  A Great Coach can skyrocket your results and reduce the time it takes to achieve them in a couple ways:

  1. Knowledge
  • If you wanted to learn to fly an airplane… would you go to your Hairstylist, Dentist or Doctor?  Probably not!  You would find a really good flight instructor, and you would do exactly what they tell you to!  The same goes for any other area of our life.  A Great Coach not only gives you the appropriate knowledge that you need, but they also teach you how to apply it to YOUR life.  What works best for you, may not be what works best for someone else and vise versa.
  1. Accountability
  • This one is pretty self explanatory.  Sometimes it’s all too easy to take it easy.  That little voice in our head says.. “You can skip this workout, or rest longer, or do 10 reps instead of 20.”  Having a Great Coach to keep you accountable goes a long way! 
  1. Support
  • A Great Coach also supports you on your journey.  We all have those days where we just can’t seem to “see” the good things.  A Great Coach brings our attention to what we’re doing great.  This helps you ENJOY working on your goals, when you may have otherwise gave up. 

Knowing “What to do” is only half the battle.  Applying it in a way that works for YOU is the only way to get lasting results.  A Great Coach can help you do that!   Ab-Tastic April was a great success.  Our team of Great Coaches helped many people meet and exceed their goals!  We can’t wait to keep it going in May!

We’re super excited about the month of May and the workout plan we have for the Adult Small Group Personal Training classes.  MAY The Strength Be With You is a 5-day per week workout program designed to build strength, build muscle, tone the muscles, and help burn body fat!  We will start our workouts with Strength (go figure 😏).  However, here’s the catch.. We’re going to slow the reps down, big time.  That means, 5 seconds on the way down, and controlled on the way up.  This is a HUGE increase in tension on the muscles causing them to change, tone or grow (depending on your goals).  This also causes a huge increase in calories burned leading to more fat burned during workouts.  Sounds like a win, right?!   Well we have one more fun component to the second half of the workout - MET-CONS.  The Met-cons will contain exercises to support the daily workout but will also have exercises to increase your cardio endurance and help us all shred some body fat before summer comes!   There are a couple more surprises in this month’s workout, but we won’t spoil them all here.   Stay tuned and we hope to see you there.  Day 1 of May the Strength Be With You starts Monday, May 3!

If you have any questions, please let us know!

May The Strength Be With You,

The Maximize Potential Team

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